Just As God Made Us

by Lloyd & Michael

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released January 22, 2008

tracks 1-4, 6-8, 11 engineered by Roy Silverstein
produced by Lloyd & Michael and Roy Silverstein
recorded and mixed during March and April 2007
@ The Habitat in San Diego, California

tracks 5, 9, 10, 12 engineered and produced by Lloyd & Michael
recorded and mixed during April 2007
@ Lloyd's house in Long Beach, California

mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk/Stereophonic Mastering

all music and lyrics by Lloyd & Michael
(except) lyrics for "No Scare" by Eileen Conner

thank you:
our families, friends, and fans




all rights reserved


Lloyd & Michael Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Towards a Dark Castle
You are pretty like a colt, shiny and long-limbed, and smelling of talc like the baby you are
Little thing, little foal, so barely born
Of ocean foam, eyes like coal, voice like a coda
Like something coming to an end, a clot of blood, moving toward a brain on long limbs.
A cold clam, smelling of sea and fear of rubbery depths
The bottom of a moat, futile protector, long-limbed child…
Across the barren wasteland, what cowled figure seeks you out?

When I went with it, I went with no pity.
I was scraping downward like skiing.
A fast swoop on wet snow, with none of the cold.
Only dark and hidden, I passed with it through the gate,
Through the gated path
The shaded path
The shadowed path.
And I walked or flew, with it ‘til the dent was done
In a raid I took from it its glimmer.
Now, dull as brass, as a newt’s back,
No longer will I ski downward with it
But only grate along, grate along like grated gravel
So much would I rather dart through hedges
So much would I rather have that glimmer for myself.
Track Name: A Real Time Here
All the trees are blowing and the mountains are covered in clouds
But the grounds are lit up with spring and
All the buzz it brings
Out in the gardens
All the buds are showing when the grounds are hit with the sun
But I walk to work with my coat on
Collar up and corduroys
Right next to the sunrise

I’m just trying to have a real time here
Out where my head is clear
Track Name: The Quiet World
I curl around the bottom of this tree
and I place my hands down into the
cool wet grass, the cool wet grass
I will later to climb.
But for now my hands merely place
In the cool wet grass

An important time is coming
This heralds and important time.
When the world moves on
Things are moving faster
Speeding up, speed speeding up
And up I go into the life of this tree
And it groans and creaks beneath and all around me
Track Name: Recycle
(Harmony in absence)
We started out inside a jar
The counsel said we would go far
The architects of our desire
The architects of our desire

(Harmony in abundance)
Chemicals and adrenaline
Alchemy and medicine
The architects of our computer
The architects of our guitar

Recycle into the next
We were sitting on the fence
Now uncommon, uncouth, and different
Track Name: No Scare
(Words by Eileen Conner)
Diagrammatic, your overt hand and overwhelm.
I am not green. I am never in the straw.
I glow blue as hurricane tipped
Upside in the rearview mirror
Like a saint, can’t ever tell who’s in the house.
I lie in my bed of leaves
Faltered, chasten, pilgrim
Bleeding at the scalp
Track Name: I Stall (The Coming of Bees)
New sap, sticky, up lifts the wind, ‘tis the coming of bees
Girls will grill beets in the winter fast in their pans.
Fat slugs snap into awakeness all along fault lines
Boys with soap, donning their aprons, ease into life
(I stall)
(It’s too fast)
(The world is moving faster, speeding up)
Track Name: When the Morning Comes
Dark turns to grey and I feel OK when the morning comes
Alone in my head and I jump out of bed when the morning comes
All the pain of yesterday has gone away
I talk about taking a walk just to shake it off when the morning comes
Alone in my head and I jump out of bed when the morning comes
All the pain of yesterday has gone away
Grey turns to white and up rises the light when the morning comes
I talk about taking a walk and I punch out the clock when the morning comes
All the pain of yesterday has gone away
Track Name: Observation
Today things were slow.
Slow, and they each happened at their own pace.
And they each took their time
And I had time to imagine each of them fully before they had fully passed.
The clouds, each cloud, each step
Each thought—each slow lifting of a cat hand
And weird regard from half-shut eyes.
All the time spent in this warm hallway this cracking bed this broad expanse of desk.
With neat rows of pens.
And each thing that was there was in its own place
And today I had the time
And I had time to imagine each of them fully before they had fully passed.
Track Name: Whale Song
At the edge of the island I saw a whale with the help of a guy
At first I did not see it
So thank you man for doing what you can
At the edge of the island there was a whale but all I did was fail
‘Cause everybody sees it
so why can’t I, what’s wrong with my eyes?
Track Name: YCC (BHDYGH?)
You crouch creature. But how did you get here? You forgot the way you came. And does it really matter?
Track Name: The World Has Moved On
We were looking at this tall wooden mast
Where the wind had swept across it for a thousand years.
It was scoured smooth as polished stone
Such a thing should rest on the bottom of the sea.
But the world has moved on, the world has moved on.
We were outside, and it was snowing
our footprints went over
a mountain and then were swallowed
up by a dark forest
We stood outside the house, but the world had moved on
The world had moved on.
Alone in an empty wasteland, you can hear a hawk cry from miles away
The sun beats down, the sun sets us on fire.
Parched, dying, alone: the world moved on.